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This is a new series of "how-to" articles we are just starting - we do not even have a "Tab" for this (well, we'll eventually come to it ;-). The purpose of this series is to provide in just a few pages (how long, that is for the author to decide) an outline of "how to" do things, or discuss specific matters related to software supportability aspects.
We do welcome any contribution, but our key aim for this series is to stress in particular the "real world" application of software supportability and reliability. So please, while theory is nice, we'll greatly appreciate your "hands-on" approach!
Please feel free to send us your contribution - we will greatly appreciate it, and so will your colleagues. Note that in all cases we will acknowledge the author, and recognize any copyright rights the author may have on this work. For this reason, to all readers of this web: PLEASE contact the author of ANY document before using his work! They have kindly contributed to divulge their know-how and experiences, so please respond in kind.


  1. Economic impact of software loading at suppliers, by Ramon Somoza
  2. Supportability is not a feature, by Adi Oltean
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3rd August 2006
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